Tasker 4.110

Enable the automatic switching of actions, loops, and conditions of programs
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Boost the productivity of your computer by setting automating tasks. Specify triggers and tasks to automate such actions as adjustment of images, sending messages, turning on and off certain modes, and so on. Choose from hundreds of pre-programmed actions or create your own ones.

Tasker is an application for Android & PC which do automating tasks defined by the user that you want to increase the productivity of your appliance. The program, with the help of triggers, actions and tasks, you can automate something, how to adjust photos, send messages and even talk (through TTS).

For example, you can adjust the device every time you get to the WiFi connection of work he disable automatic syncing and leave the device on silent.

The software brings more than 200 pre-programmed actions, allowing any consumer to create actions, loops and conditions for opening other apps, settings and much more. Since the application does not deliver anything handed to them, it’s worth checking out the tips in the Wiki of Tasker and the user guide of the Tasker to begin to create their own profiles and tasks.

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